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Laser Processing Service- FTIworks( one -stop laser job shop):
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Hymson is a leading manufacturer and solutions provider in the field of lasers and automation. Our core businesses include lithium battery automation, wind-cooled UV laser equipment, large scale automated production line, large scale laser cutting equipment, sapphire cutting equipment, PCB labeling systems and more. We strive to provide more efficient and quality solutions to our clients.

Hymson is located in Longhua district, Shenzhen. We have branches in Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Anshan, and Jiangmen.

Uv- exposure machine

UV-exposure machine is widely used in the curing of complex surface, such as 3D curved glass, car - shaped glass, and

cell phone back cover CG processing.

Its working mechanism is to apply the physical characteristic of UV ink, the effect of UV light on the ink, the design of glass

products solidified. In the whole process, the performance of the exposure machine directly determines the quality of the

finished product.Using uv-led exposure machine to produce the patterns of good adhesion, bright color. Compared with the

traditional screen printing, the UV-exposure machine solves the problem that the screen printing machine can not guarantee the

accuracy of the surface and the shape of the product.Sea star UV - exposure machine through production practice, updatethe escalating equipment performance, in the process of production, circumvented many bad product produce factors, makestation production yield up to 98%, the whole process yield up to 95%, greatly improved the production process capability.

Equipment Feature

■ The machine frame adopts the square welding, the overall appearance color is blue and white, and the front and rear

in stallation of transparent acrylic is open to the door, and the whole is beautiful and atmosphere. The equipment runs smoothly,

with little vibration and high processing quality.

■ The device operating device (mouse, keyboard, monitor, interface button) has reasonable layout and convenient operation.

■ In the spare time key mouse can fold into the device inside, do not take up space, other operation device is simple and convenient.

■ Special customized light source: under the condition of ensuring the exposure Angle, the light can be soft and the best ex-

posure quality can be obtained.

■ light Angle is 1.5 °, evenness is as high as 90%, adapt to the ink is wider.

■ When the equipment is processed, it will be fully automated, and the robot will automatically send up and down materials, and the rotating platform will realize automatic counterpoint exposure.

■ Self-developed exposure software, easy to learn and easy to use, the function can be customized by customers.

■ The whole equipment adopts the whole line control, the control mode is simple, and the stability of the equipment is good.

■ High-precision industrial camera is applied in processing, and five-point positioning method is adopted to ensure the accuracy of positioning.

■ Adopt the Taiwan XXY high-precision platform to ensure the high precision of product location and size.

■ The exposure area of the light source is 180*180 ~ 400*400, which can be customized according to customer requirements.

■ Flexible materials are used in the contact product parts of the machine, zero damage to the product.

■ The machine parts are made of clean materials to ensure the production of dust free.

HT-S1025M double-station tin wire welding machine

Equipment Feature

■ Integration of laser, temperature measurement and vision can realize more accurate temperature measurement and more convenient debugging.

■ High speed and precision, short sampling period and high temperature control precision.

■ The coaxial rotating wire feeding mechanism is applicable to the wire feeding and welding of special bonding pad and complicated com ponents.

■ The double-station design increases the activation of drilling crew and improves the production efficiency.

■ Integration of tin wire and tin cream welding.

■ Be able to set the temperature curve of welding spot freely and control the laser power dynamically.

■ Adopt digital PID algorithm to control the system stably, accurately and quickly.

■ Temperature of welding spot: 120℃-550℃.

■ Optical temperature control precision: ±1℃.

HT-WQ150A QCW fiber laser welding machine

The imported QCW fiber laser can realize stable bright emitting, good

beam quality, high conversion efficiency and low power consumption.

Especially applicable to the welding of sheet metal, precision devices

and application with high requirement for the laser. ■ Excellent beam quality of laser, with the minimum welding spot of less than 0.2mm.

Equipment Feature

■ The energy stability (±0.5%) reaches

■ The coaxial vision positioning system is wide in breadth and high in precision, especially applicable to high-speed and

high-precision welding and processing.

■ The electro-optical efficiency is up to 30%, and the overall power consumption only accounts for 1/10 of YAG welding.

■ The electro-optical efficiency is up to 30%, and the overall power consumption only accounts for 1/10 of YAG welding.

Full-automatic PCB Laser Marking Machine

The machine is used for direct laser marking of solder resist on the printed circuit board. Laser module is installed on the transmission system for driving the X/Y axis as the servo drive. The to-be-marked PCB will transmit automatically and move to the target laser engraving area in the fixed position for visual positioning. The laser moves to a preset position and marks the content such as Datamatrix code in plain text or on the product. The camera identifies the verification bar code and saves the content.

Equipment Feature

■ With high-performance CO2 laser, optical fiber laser or green laser and able to adjust power and pulse width.

■ The high-speed X/Y motion platform can realize multipoint and matrix motion.

■ The high-precision visual positioning ensures the positional accuracy of printing and confirms the printing content and

quality after marking.

■ With professional HMI software and standard SMEMA interface, support multi-product file, timely switching of multiple

languages, remote control and data upload.

Hymson HF G Laser Cutting Intelligent Equipment


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Laser Processing Service- FTIworks( one -stop laser job shop):
Overall laser capacity、High accuracy、Good Quality、Competitive Price、Suitable delivery time!
New customer have RMB500 discount. 

Suzhou FTI Co.,Ltd is the first laser job shop platform, we provide one-stop laser materials processing ,micro-nano fabrication and import and export business.We are committed to being your trustworthy partner. In 2018,we started Public Service Activities named "FTI STAR" for broadcast of Dream Love, and we started a Family Laser Club as a pioneer in technology industry for broadcast of Laser Beauty.Our Public Slogan is《Love next generation Be more love parents》.
Headquarter in SIP, Suzhou, class 10000 clean room for high quality productions.
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